Frequently Asked Questions

How can I share my results with others?

You can share your results very easily. There are 3 ways of sharing your results; you can share the link, download a PDF or show off your result with a badge.

How can I display a badge on my website?

Copy and paste this code snippet onto your website:

<div id="dbb"></div>
<script async defer src=""></script>

This will then display a bagdge similar to what is displayed here:

How can I report bugs?

If, while using any feature of Beacon, you find an issue please report it to us by emailing [email protected].

How does my website create a carbon footprint

The internet uses a lot of electricity and a lot of that energy comes from the grid where we don't use 100% renewable energy; it uses it for three distinct areas: servers, network and devices. Beacon calculates the impact based on data transmission which we can accurately measure and using two numbers that respresent kWh per GB and CO2 per kWh resulting in the numbers Beacon displays.

Why is Beacon constantly in beta?

With new features constantly being added and those features being constantly tested, Beacon is never at the point of a fully stable release. This is done to aid in the flexibility and speed of development.