v1.13.2 — 19.Feb.2024

Creating a bookmarklet

v1.13.1 — 10.Feb.2024

Removing Chrome extension link due to policy violation - minimum functionality

v1.13.0 — 25.Oct.2023

New grading system

v1.12.0 — 19.Oct.2023

Removing Ecologi integration

v1.11.0 — 11.July.2023

Limiting review requests to 5 a week

v1.10.0 — 6.July.2023

Adding email collection

v1.10.0 — 24.May.2023

Partial port of CO2.js to use 1byte method

v1.8.0 — 17.Nov.2022

Updating to Laravel 9.x. PHP8.1 compatibility. Tracking fixes.

v1.7.3 — 10.Aug.2022

Fixing cache calculations

v1.7.2 — 21.Apr.2022

Adding legal content

v1.7.1 — 22.Nov.2021

Comparative statistics and number of trees needed in calculator

v1.7 — 09.Nov.2021

Calculator added for monthly emissions

v1.6 — 29.Oct.2021

Cache statistics and more direct using green hosting message

v1.5 — 16.Jul.2021

Additional statistics

v1.4 — 22.Apr.2021

Badge, PDF export, accessibility fixes

v1.3 — 11.Apr.2021

Report history and count

v1.2.3 — 22.Jan.2021

Click dragging to scroll for mouse users

v1.2.3 — 05.Jan.2021

Better error handling and fixing URL exists check to handle redirects

v1.2.2 — 14.Dec.2020

Better error handling and output

v1.2.1 — 14.Dec.2020

Adding events to track errors to create better error handling

v1.2 — 07.Dec.2020

Add changelog and more opportunities

v1.1 — 03.Dec.2020

Add debug route, add imprint

v1.0 — 28.Nov.2020

Finish UI, add screenshot

POC — 20.Oct.2020

Form submission and data collection.